Apr 28, 2008

4.28.08 Contests for Food Artists

Bites Quick

Click here for more details or to buyFood Arts, the lush culinary trade magazine, reports on some of the latest contests for food artists:

PastryScoop.com Invites culinary professionals to enter their 2008 Golden Scoop Awards, presented with the participatory support of Food Arts. Winners in five categories (Best Dessert Menu, Most Innovative Dessert, Best Dessert Revival, Best Confection, and Best Bakery Recipe) will each receive a $1000 prize and be honored at a ceremony at the French Culinary Institute in New York City on June 23. Info: PastryScoop.com. Deadline May 12, 2008.

Dole® Challenges beverage professionals and enthusiasts to use Dole fresh frozen fruits and/or Dole pineapple juice in a signature cocktail, blender drink, or dessert drink in its firs Dole Raises the Bar competition. Grand prize in each of two categories – alcohol and alcohol-free – is $5000 and a Vita-Mix blender. Info: dolefoodservice.com. Deadline June 15, 2008.

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May 09, 2007

DS No. 46 Spring '07

This Issue What's In

Grilling1_2 Grill or Barbecue?

Barbecue season’s here and there’s no more basic, primal technique of adding heat to food than fire. Food + Fire

Plus special Over-the-Top Recipe: Steak & Truffles

Tips for a Great Barbecue Plus Recipe: Herb Marinated Grilled Steaks

Beautiful Hair Spring Cleanse

Beautiful hair starts with Beautiful Eating. Make your next hair treatment a Spring Cleansing.

Make Your Own Wine

If you thought making wine in your kitchen was exciting (see Is it Wine Yet?) how about becoming a real winemaker without the fuss of actually having a vineyard. Read Crushpad

Book Review

Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany by Bill Buford Read Heat

Tips and Tricks

While the rest of the world weighs most ingredients, we, here in the States, measure them. Weigh In

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Spin It, Baby! Bakin' Bacon Espresso, Brewing the Best Cup, Clean Your Pans with Wine, What's in Your Pantry?, Pan Seared Steaks, Let Meats Rest.

Simple Recipes

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I still like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I've just updated mine a bit. Here's how I make 'em now: PB & J Updated

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Mar 01, 2007

DS No. 44

This Issue What's In

Beautiful EatingBeautiful Eyes Through Nutrition

Ready for a beauty makeover? How about a little carotenoid, bioflavonoid, and antioxidant? No, no, not on, but in! This beauty makeover starts from the inside, through nutrition. Fiona Barrett begins her Beautiful Eating column in this issue with a good close look at Beautiful Eyes.

Towards Gourmet Nationhood

...The patron of the wine cooperative poured our wine. He was very animated talking about the wines, but when the conversation moved on to food he looked down and shook his head. He said he was distressed over the state of cuisine in France; the French were losing their passion for food and were embracing the American way of eating. He felt that Americans, however, were on the opposite tack. He held up his arms and made an “X” of them. He said that while the French cuisine was declining (he wiggled his right elbow), America’s cuisine was ascending (he wiggled his left hand). What Makes a Gourmet Nation, Gourmet?

Just Added

"The Great Gourmet Cooking Show"

French Press: Brewing Coffee 3.12.07

Cool Stuff
Portable French Press! 
Foodie Khaki Hat 3.16.07
Dean & Deluca Chef's Aprons 3.22.07

Culinary News

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News, news, news. A lot happens in the culinary world and now we've given Culinary News Worldwide its own page.

Tips and Tricks

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Bakin' Bacon  Standing over the stove with those pork slices spitting up at me almost had me thinking about the soy alternative again.

Spin It, Baby! Wilted, brown, and mushy. This describe your lettuce after a few days? Well here's a tip to keep your lettuce fresh and crispy for a long time (in lettuce-years anyway).

Previous Tips

Espresso, Brewing the Best Cup, Clean Your Pans with Wine, What's in Your Pantry?, Pan Seared Steaks, Let Meats Rest.


Have some Organic Tee!
It's an Organic T-shirt!
It's probably better to wear it than to eat it, but...It's 100% organically-grown cotton and a great looking shirt.

Buy this shirt!

Simple Recipes

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Dub Spuds Maybe it was partly the no-carb thing, partly the potatoes on every plate in every restaurant I ate at, or maybe I just tired of the whole spud experience. But then, I rediscovered potatoes.

Featured March Events

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Italian cooking event with a native teacher in Tokyo, Japan Date: 3/17/07
Paso Robles Grand Wine Tasting, Boston, Massachusetts, USA Date: 3/29/07
International Fair of Wine, Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile Date: 3/31/07

What We're Reading

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Bacchus and Me: Adventures in the Wine Cellar.
Jay Mcinerney
Just a hint of rebellion and a finish of good old rock ‘n roll. A whole different take on wine from the author of "Big City, Bright Lights." Buy this book.

Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris A. J. Liebling There are few writers who can make us want to pack our bags and jump on a plane just so we can lunch in Paris. Liebling is one of those writers. Buy this book.

Gorgeous! The Sum of All Your Glorious Parts Jorj Morgan with Harry Moon MD and Mary Ellen Clark A great resource of whole foods and nutrition to help you enhance your natural beauty: see Fiona Barrett Beautiful Eyes for more. Buy this book.

The United States of Arugula, How We Became a Gourmet Nation David Kamp's food lover’s guide to the our own culinary history. See Gourmet Nation? for more. Buy this book.


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– J. Michael Wheeler

In loving memory of my mother, Kitty Heiman Olsher

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Jan 23, 2007

DS Number 43

This Issue What's In

Where to Eat?

Egyptian spices in the Market PlaceWhere do you have your first dinner when you've just arrived in a new town? Well, if you're Elaine Chu, our culinary travel writer, and you're on a flight to Egypt, you ask the Cairo-native sitting next to you about his favorite food. Then you go and find it: In Search of Pyramids: Finding Kochary.

What To Do?

Winecorkscrew75What are you going to do this weekend? How about a wine-tasting in Beaune, France, or a pumpkin festival in Ohio, or a baking course in Los Angeles, California? Find out what's cooking, around the world, on our Culinary Calendar. DancingSpoon.com has the most expansive events listing you'€™ll find. Wine dinners from Alabama to Alsace, courses from zabaglione to Zinfandel, and culinary travel from here to there. Oh, you've got a culinary event? Submit your event, FREE, to the calendar.

What's in Your Pantry?

Are fish sauce, oyster sauce, and anchovies in salt, part of your basic pantry? They're not part of mine, either. But maybe they should be. What really makes a good pantry? I went to the sources: the chefs, nutritionists, cookbook authors, to see what they have to say about the perfect pantry. Find out how to stock a pantry in What's In Your Pantry?

Featured Shopping in this Issue

Dancing Spoon Gourmet  Gourmet Ingredients from Around the World  Foodies can search for and buy products from around the world. From Alaskan Smoked Salmon to New Zealand Sea Salt & Jalapeno Pepper Rub!

Market Place Directory Over 70 Online Shops Our Market Place Directory lists over 70 opportunities to find everything from Valentine's Day chocolates to prepared gourmet meals delivered to your door for that special night's dinner.

Tips and Techniques

Pans in the Oven

One of the key “moves” in that professional kitchen is “finishing” a dish in the oven. It's a great way to make a steak. Pan Seared Steaks.

Give it a Rest

Why let steaks or roasted chickens or other meat dishes “rest” before carving? Find out here. Let Meats Rest.

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Dec 20, 2006

DS Number 42

This Issue What's In

Welcome to DancingSpoon.com


DancingSpoon.com is your online magazine devoted to all things food: culinary news, food and restaurant trends, cooking science, culinary travel. Find food and kitchen product reviews, recipes and recipe sharing, and the most in-depth directory of online culinary shopping anywhere. Shop for hard-to-find gourmet ingredients, kitchen tools, culinary books and much more.

Think Global, Eat Local

Fast food may be a nation, but slow food is a movement. From the epicenter of food Breadloafsmenjoyment a manifesto is written to “to protect the pleasures of the table.” The Slow Food Movement seems to prefer fresh, seasonal, and regional over prefab, pre-packaged and factory. But what do they know? Find out in Eat Local.


Constantly updated news about food, cooking, culinary trends, and more.

Tips and Techniques

Brewing Some Joe...

The goal of brewing coffee is to release the coffee’s flavor from the coffee grounds.  Here's how to get that great cup a joe! Brew the Best Cup.

Espresso, Espresso!

As the name indicates, an espresso is a cup of coffee prepared on the spot for immediate consumption. And that can be at home, too.  Prepare Espresso Like a Pro.

Clean Your Pans With Wine?

Home cooking is a joy, ‘cept for the dirty pans. A simple and tasty pan sauce is the answer. Clean Your Pans With Wine.

Share Your Recipes!

Got a favorite recipe? Want to share it? Here's our entry, a Simple Quiche that can be anything you want it to be!

New Food Products

Spice My Skewer

Flavor from the inside out? Seattle-based Callison is helping you perk up your kabobs by flavoring your cooking skewers.Spice My Skewer.

A Better Ice Cube?

If Americans will buy their water in a bottle, how about their ice cubes? Miami-based WBOA is betting on it. A Better Ice Cube?.

Featured Shopping in this Issue

DancingSpoon Book Store  Books for Foodies Cookbooks, books about chefs, books about the science of food, books about the art of food! Find specially selected books to feed a foodie's heart...

Chefs The Best Kitchen Starts Here  For 25 years, CHEFS has been a leading resource – first in catalogs and now also online – for home chefs and culinary professionals seeking the best for their kitchens.

Dean & DeLuca Fine Foods and Kitchenware. The original Dean & DeLuca opened for business in September 1977.

Niman Ranch Great taste is our goal at Niman Ranch, achieved through our strict animal husbandry guidelines. Many restaurants list “Niman Ranch” on their menu. When the chef is willing to brand a product on their menu, it is a strong quality endorsement. We are proud to enjoy menu branding at both white tablecloth restaurants and more casual dining establishments.


In loving memory of my father, William Robert Wheeler.